Do I need a referral letter from my GP?

We would usually advise you to see your GP to discuss the problem you are experiencing or treatment you are considering before making an appointment with us. We do accept self-referrals, though we would advise you to contact your insurance company first; a GP referral letter may be a pre-requisite in obtaining their authorisation.

Do I need to have private medical insurance?

No, we treat both insured and non-insured patients and can arrange a self-pay package for you for any procedure. For information about hospital fees contact the relevant hospital customer service team.

Do I need to contact my insurance company before I make an appointment?

No, as long as their authorisation is obtained at least a day before you attend the appointment.

Does it matter at which hospital I see Mr. Beynon?

No, we aim to arrange for you to see Mr. Beynon as quickly and conveniently as possible. It is possible to attend an initial consultation at one hospital and to go to another for your procedure.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Mr. Beynon holds clinics twice a week, and it is usually possible for patients to be seen within a few days of requesting an appointment.